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West Bank Boogie originally took form as a series of articles by Cyn Collins for her neighborhood newspaper, the Seward Profile, which included the Cedar Riverside, or West Bank area in Minneapolis. As is the case with all things from this eclectic, eccentric neighborhood—- either as the result of repeated yarn telling, or mind-expanding supplements, or more often, both—the project took on a life of its own and became a book. Then a book and a CD; and now a book, CD, and web site.

Will it ever stop? We hope not. Please feel free to add to this extraordinary story by going to the “Share a Story Link.” And, please, buy this book! And once you’ve done that, buy one for your lover, mother, or other.

Since all good boogies of its day also raised money for good causes, 25% of this book’s profits will go to the West Bank Boogie Band Aid. Already, a couple of the musicians featured in this book have passed away. It seems a month doesn’t go by when we aren’t having a benefit to raise money for someone’s medical expenses. We hope a signficant endowment is raised as a way of saying thank you to all the good times these folk gave us.

Here’s some contact info for the things you may need to know more about.

Author: Cyn Collins

Publisher: Triangle Park Creative
Dan Nordley – 612/436-9177